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Oct 2, 2023 - Dec 2, 2023

Shine Your Light

  • 62Days
  • 1Step


An 8 week immersive self-healing program. A journey You will be guided and facilitated through four pillars of shining your light. 1) Grounding (week 1&2) 2) Connecting (week 3&4) 3) Clearing (week 5&6) 4) Activating (week 7&8) Included: Weekly live (and recorded) distance healing immersives Weekly private group processing session M-F Sadhana lives (mini experiences and teachings) for a 40 day sadhana immersive (mantras, mudras, ram dass wisdom, consciousness, guided meditation, Reiki, Healy aura and coaching scans) Course wisdom on the four pillars (Reiki, grounding tools, intuition, clearing tools, activating through HD)

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