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Community * Wisdom * Mentorship

Guiding you to experience and discover the tools, develop the skills, and gain the knowledge to transform your life through building resiliency and strength the overcome life's challenges, stresses and hardships with courage and grow into the most powerful version of yourselves yet!!


Membership includes monthly access to:

- Our exclusive Shine Your Light app

- 2 new guided meditations 

- 2 immersive group healing experiences

- 2 new high vibing recipes

- A community of like hearted souls to deeply connect and expand with



Shine Your Light Academy 

- 3 month program to guide you through learning the tools, skills and knowledge to unlock your light and shine!

- Live with group or self-paced option


Mentorship + Certification

- 3 months in Academy 

- 3 months in training for certification to open your own business as a Shine Your Light Practitioner!


Launching August 2023!

Shine Your Light Community 

Are you yearning for a transformative journey that empowers you to rise above life's challenges and embrace your true power? Look no further than Shine Your Light Community—a monthly membership designed to illuminate your path, cultivate resilience, and connect you with a supportive community of like-hearted souls. It's time to step into the brilliance that resides within you.


Join Shine Your Light Community and embark on a remarkable adventure of personal growth, healing, and self-discovery. Through our carefully curated offerings, you'll unlock the tools, wisdom, and connections needed to shine brighter than ever before.


What does Shine Your Light Community offer?


1. Daily Sadhana Practice Lives:

Start each day with intention and align your mind, body, and spirit through our daily Sadhana practice lives. Guided by experienced practitioners, these transformative sessions provide a sacred space for rituals that foster inner peace, clarity, and connection. Embrace the power of daily practice to ignite your inner light.


2. Weekly Live Group Immersive Healing Circle:

Immerse yourself in a weekly live group immersive healing circle—an oasis of support and healing. This safe and nurturing space allows you to release emotional blocks, experience deep healing, and tap into your inner wisdom. Through energy healing, breathwork, and guided visualization, you'll awaken your innate healing abilities and experience profound transformation.


3. Weekly Group Intuitive Guidance Call:

Seek clarity and guidance on your journey with our weekly group intuitive guidance calls. Our intuitive facilitators will provide personalized readings, offer insights, and help you navigate life's challenges. Drawing from the collective wisdom of the community, these calls provide a powerful source of inspiration and guidance as you embrace your true potential.


4. Monthly Guided Meditation Releases:

Indulge in monthly guided meditation releases that transport you to realms of deep inner exploration and transformation. These meditations, carefully crafted to awaken your inner light, offer a profound sense of peace, clarity, and spiritual expansion. Through regular meditation practice, you'll deepen your connection to yourself and unlock your limitless potential.


Bonus #1: Monthly High-Vibing Recipes

Nourish your body and elevate your well-being with our monthly high-vibing recipes. Delight your taste buds with culinary creations designed to enhance your vitality, balance, and overall wellness. From nourishing breakfast bowls to vibrant plant-based dishes, these recipes will nourish your body and uplift your spirit, empowering you from the inside out.


Bonus #2: Pop up virtual events and teachings 

Immerse yourself in transformative events that take your personal growth to new heights. Conquer your first 40 days of Sadhana, explore the intricacies of the chakra system during our seven-day immersive, or master the fundamentals of human design. These events offer profound opportunities for expansion, learning, and self-discovery.


By joining Shine Your Light Community, you'll gain exclusive access to a vibrant, supportive community of individuals committed to their personal growth. Together, we'll ignite our inner brilliance, nurture resilience, and embrace the transformative power of unity.


Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to step into the radiance that lies within you. Sign up for Shine Your Light Community today and unlock the boundless potential of your authentic self.


Ignite your inner brilliance, rise above challenges, and shine your light like never before. Join Shine Your Light Community now!

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