The Healy


The Healy is a bioresonance device, similar to a Rife machine, that harnesses the healing energy of frequencies. It is a lightweight, wearable, holistic device that merges health, science, technology and spirituality.


This small, wearable, holistic device helps with various physical ailments, such as acute & chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritic conditions, skeletal pain, migraines, muscle recovery, etc.  It is also used as an alternative, complementary therapy for depression and anxiety. Healy's products are wearable medical devices complemented with wristbands, ear clamps, or electrodes placed on the body and have already been F.D.A. approved. But Healy goes even deeper than the physical level. Healy also has non-medical applications that use Individualized Micro current Frequencies (IMF) to harmonize your bioenergetic field.

How can the Healy Help you?

3 Reasons Everyone Can Benefit From Healy:

  1. Nobody wants to be sick. No one wants to be diseased or depend on doctors or surgeons. No one wants to live a life on chemical drugs. So everyone is motivated to do whatever they can to be as healthy as possible. And if you already have a chronic disease you have even more motivation! 

  2. The Basic level in the body where we can prevent sickness, where we can improve the functioning of our body to be healthy, strong and vital is at a cellular level. That’s where it all starts. So if we have something that can help us on the cellular level, then this can prevent us from getting to the first reason, being sick. If we really want to be healthy, to use that self healing power that we have as human beings, we have to strengthen our cellular health. We have to work at cellular levels. Thats exactly what Healy does, it sends the micro currents into the body to improve the energy production in the cells making them healthy and strong and by doing so we also make our selves healthy and strong.

  3. Stress is the main cause for physical disease. Because stress is hurting our immune system. When we are stressed certain functions in our body that keep us healthy are slow down when we are stressed we are in the fight or flight mode. So everything in our body is focused on fighting for our lives or running away from it. It means that certain processes that keep us healthy are being slowed down. And that is why we get inflammation, diseases, and all kinds of ills. Most of us are stressed, we know this is a reason for all kinds of  physical problems, so if we can reduce the stress we can prevent physical diseases from coming. 

The Science Behind Healy
& Frequency Healing

The Healy contains a device within its hardware called the quantum sensor. The quantum sensor is unique to Healy. This is what makes the Healy so critically different from other frequency machines. The quantum sensor is so different bc of the “kozyrev mirror” (a type of shielding) that’s in the device, like a chamber, that encloses the circuitry of the device. This chamber creates a shield that blocks emf and this removes any interference of the signals coming in and out of the device. This has to occur so the device can read vibrational frequency from above the earths electromagnetic field. Then due to the specific metals the chamber is made from, it allows the waves of energy created by oscillating electrons to bounce off the sides of the chambers so that they neutralize each other and form what’s called scalar energetic fields. 


The scalar fields are what allow the quantum sensor to break through the time/space restrictions that then allows you to access higher dimensional information fields/energies that exist on higher levels of consciousness. 


Healy Testimonies

The Healy has helped my whole family! It's melted my migraine pain away, helped the whole family sleep so much better and is helping my daughters skin (eczema) heal!

-Mrs. R.