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2022 Top 3 Tools to Heal!!

How have you all been??It sure has been some time since I posted hasn't it?! I don't know about you guys, but this year has been deeply transformational for me. I have been working on healing my hurts and growing into this expanded version of myself. There have been a few tools that have really helped me transform my life this year and I'd like to share more about them with you all!!


Tool #1

The Human Design System

This has been the #1 LIFE SHIFTING TOOL that I have personally discovered, EVER. Human design has been absolutely life changing for me and everyone I have shared it with. It gives me grace and understanding for how different we all truly are as beings. It has given me keys to unlock myself and allowed me to step into my souls path in a way that feels perfectly me. I look at Human Design as a blueprint to who you truly are and who you came here to be. It can guide you to unlock your gifts and path in life, allowing you to step into flow and truly live from a space of complete resonance. It is a combination of ancient and modern systems and sciences, including quantum physics, quantum biology, the chakra system, Vedic astrology, modern astrology, genetic and bio individuality, I Ching and others! I use Human Design combined with my intuitive abilities to see each of you through your unique design and help you feel seen, understood, and guided. I guide you to unlock your path to flowing through life as the unique being you came here to be. I am now offering Human Design Readings and Packages and would love to help you activate your path, to help you find the knowledge to unlock your life and activate your light within. Watch a recording of me sharing more about Human Design HERE. For more information on booking click HERE.

Tool #2

The Healy and MagHealy

You may remember me mentioning the Healy in my previous email. It is the world's first portable, wearable, easy-to-use for everyone, wellness device of its kind. This bioresonance device utilizes frequency medicine and microcurrent therapy to support your physical body, your mental emotional health, as well as providing spiritual and energetic support. It works both in person on the physical level and at a distance on an energetic level. It truly is an all in one tool that you can use for so many areas of life and that we have been using as a family daily for over a year now. The MagHealy is the newest addition to the company and was designed to support you through the harmonization of the bioenergetic field, which is also known as life force energy, chi and prana. Where the Healy supports the bioenergetic field of the individual promoting internal wellbeing, the MagHealy supports your surroundings and environment through the emission of a magnetic field. The MagHealy addresses the bioenergetic field of space through pulsating magnetic fields aimed at harmonizing your surroundings. With 4 unique and powerful applications, you can find the right support for basically every situation. This technology was co developed with Dr. Carolyn McMakin DC, one of the worlds leading researcher, teacher and developer of Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) and author of "The Resonance Effect". How has the Healy and the MagHealy helped my family and I? There are truly countless ways I could share about how both of the devices support our family daily and through big events like illness but one of the biggest impacts it has had on me personally is how it has helped me with overcoming life long debilitating migraines, panic attacks, PTSD flare ups and extreme anxiety. It has supported our daughter in her recovery journey and helped her during her therapies to recover fast and thus be able to participate in more! It has helped us through the pain of teething, tummy aches, and growing as well as a powerful tool to use when sickness strikes like a cold or fever. If you'd like to hear more about the Healy and how it has helped my family you can watch this video I have recorded HERE or check out the thousands of testimonies on this facebook group HERE! If you're interested and feel called to explore these devices further, I'd love to invite you to book a complementary Healy Experience with me today!

Tool #3

SpringAqua Water Filtration System

Known as an ecosystem in a box it creates living spring water through mimicking the rock layers, geology, and other properties outlined in scientific studies on the healing properties of spring water. It filters the water like a mountain filters rain water through all the layers of the earth to then come back up as pristine living spring water. Over the past 2 years I have REALLY dug into researching water filtration and the science of water. Especially after adding the Healy into our lives, I have spent a lot of time learning to understand what true cellular hydration and health requires by diving into quantum biology and the immensely important role of water, light, and frequency on our biological/bioenergetic bodies. Part of what drives me to research this is my drive to discover how this can all be layered into helping my daughter recover and heal. We started with a Berkey filtration system a few years ago and then after diving deeper into the world of water, we realized that this type of filtration system simply wasn't coming close to what we really wanted and needed for deep cellular hydration. So I began our search again for a more powerful filtration system.

I had 6 requirements I was looking for in a system:

  1. It be a powerful filtration system to provide clean healthy water for my family

  2. It have the capacity to create structured and ionized mineralized water

  3. It have the capacity to create hydrogen water (a powerful antioxidant)

  4. It be earth friendly (no wasted plastic bottles - no water waste like RO)

  5. It be end of world proof so my families investment lasts through whatever life throws us (to me this means that is doesn't rely on electricity to function and can be use with a siphon system in emergencies where no running water is present)

  6. The system be made by a heart led company

Spring Aqua met all of these requirements and we invested in the WET 7. We have been so wildly impressed with the quality of water, how amazing we are sleeping and how deeply hydrated we feel. Not to mention how well my plants are responding to the structured hydrogenized spring water. I am proud to announce that I have partnered with SpringAqua as an affiliate to help get this amazing system into the homes of families all over the planet. I'd love to help you discover true hydration for your family. Click HERE to learn more about the SpringAqua Water Filtration Systems and if they are right for you and your loved ones.


What's New at Empathic Mamahood?

Human Design readings and packages are now available! For more information on booking click HERE. I rebranded from the Empathic Nutritionist to Empathic Mamahood. This rebranding has come with my shifting and healing this year as I step away from my previous career of being a Nutritionist and recipe developer and fully into practitioner, guide and teacher of the healing arts. This has been such a coming home for me as I have always felt deeply called to help others heal but it took me going through 12+ years of traditional higher education in biological sciences, nursing and nutrition to finally land in the space of frequency medicine and energetic healing. My souls mission is helping others find the knowledge to unlock their lives and activate the light within and I am so excited to fully step into this role in this new chapter!


Upcoming Events:

Testimony Based Healy/MagHealy

Information Call

Monday 12/19/22 @ 6pm pst/9pm est

INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT THE LIVED EXPERIENCES OF THOSE USING THE HEALY AND MAGHEALY?? Join me and many others as we share our experiences and how we have been using these devices to support our lives and the lives of our family, friends, and clients!

This is for individuals who are interested in learning more about how everyday individuals are using and finding health and success with these devices!

Can’t make the call but still want to learn more? Sign up for the call and if you can't attend lice, I will send you the recording of the call after!! You can learn more in depth information about Healy and the MagHealy HERE.

To join the open testimony call, please sign HERE!