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All About Collagen

Collagen 101

What is it?

  • A complex protein, more specifically amino acids (the building blocks of life- glycine, proline, arginine, glutamine, and hydroxyproline; just to name a few) found most abundantly in your skin, nails, hair, bones and joints.

  • Collagen peptides refers to a short chain of aminos acids. These are the same as collagen, but have undergone hydrolysis, breaking them down into a shorter chain of amino acids. This makes them more easily digestible, absorbable, and much more bioavailable. 

  • It can also be dissolved in hot or cold liquids. 

  • Gives you MUCH MORE bang for your buck than other protein powders. 

  • It is the most abundant protein found in the human body. Think of collagen as the scaffolding in the structural integrity of our bodies. It is also secreted by connective tissue cells. But as we age, out body’s ability to synthesize its own collagen decreases. 


  • Improves skin elasticity & skin moisture 

  • Critical for skin health and accelerates wound healing

  • Improves overall hydration and absorption of water in the intestines. 

  • Accelerates hair growth

  • The amino acid, glycine, in collagen has been shown to reduce GI inflammation

  • The amino acid, glutamine, prevents gut inflammation and inhibits oxidative stress in the intestines

  • Helps regulate proper gut acidity. 

  • Aides in healing the lining of the stomach (aka leaky gut), by “sealing and healing” the tight junctions (part of the lining of your gut) of your gut. 

  • Many illnesses are traced back to inflammation or irritation of the gut. This “leaky gut” then allows particles to pass into your blood stream from your digestive system that begin a cascade of inflammatory responses. 

  • Reduces joint pains and degeneration & is shown to decrease osteoarthritis/ rheumatoid arthritis symptoms (by reducing inflammation and improving throbbing symptoms, swelling and joint pain). 

  • Aides to build lean muscle mass

  • Supports your metabolism, as well as your digestive and central nervous systems

  • Improves your body’s usage of antioxidants & construction of healthy cells

  • Aides in detoxification pathways by minimizing damage of the liver when it absorbs foreign substances (like alcohol or toxins)

  • Has been shown to aide in the prevention of arteriosclerosis, allows for better vasodilation (= better circulation) and protective for cardiovascular health overall. 

  • Helps control blood pressure

How to use it?

  • Homemade bone broth (I have a great recipe on my website for Healing Bone Broth, 2 Ways: For Humans & Pups)

  • Sip it or use it in all sorts of sweet or savory recipes!

  • Added to smoothies, soups, baking dishes (like cookies, cakes, pancakes, waffles, bars, bread)

  • As a protein powder replacement

  • As a pre and/or post workout (aides in tissue repair and performance)

  • Eat the WHOLE egg! Collagen is found in the yolks and membranes of eggs. 

  • Take it as a supplement

Here are some of my personal recipes that use collagen as an ingredient:


  • When buying a collagen supplement or making bone broth, the quality of the bones used to make the collagen matter immensely!

  • Make sure to get collagen powder/supplement that is made from grass-fed (for bovine), pasture-raised (for bovine and poultry) or wild caught (for marine)


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