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All About Distant Reiki Sessions

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What is Reiki?

Rei= universal higher power Ki = life force

Most simply put, Reiki is a form of energy medicine (biofield therapy to be exact) that is used as a spiritual healing tool that helps one return themselves or others to balanced functioning on every level (emotional, mental, physical, social, spiritual).

  • Reiki is closest to meditation then other forms of energy medicine.

  • It is not a religion and in fact, requires no belief in the practice to benefit from its energies.

  • It brings rapid relief from pain/anxiety and rapidly reduces stress.

  • Reiki works to balance our bodies so it can support our well-being and strengthen our natural ability to heal.

  • The level of the biofield that Reiki addresses and has an affect on, is the most subtle levels. And once the energy of Reiki is accessed, it gently encourages these levels of the biofield to return towards balance.

  • Reiki is only positive, it can only help; it can never hurt.

  • It is safe during pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding.

Benefits of Reiki:

  • supports healing and growth

  • brings great relaxation

  • pain relief

  • anxiety relief

  • stress reduction

  • improved sleep

  • improved digestion

  • speeds up recovery time

  • greater sense of wellbeing

  • can help prevent/minimize autoimmune flare ups caused by inflammation or stress

  • aides in feeling less depressed

  • aides in feeling more motivated

  • aides in going into a deep meditative state

  • relief from side effects of medications/radiation/chemotherapies

  • strengthens intuition

  • encourages the body systems and chakras to balance

  • aides in expanding creativity

  • aides in more relaxed healthful breathing

  • aides in developing enthusiasm to care for oneself better

  • provides profound peacefulness to one during death and dying

  • aides in calming the mind and breaking free from anxieties and fears related to childbirth

  • aides in energetic breakthroughs surrounding fertility or fears related to ones fertility

What does a distant Reiki session with me look like?

Distant reiki sessions are typically an hour long and are done from the comfort of your own home while connecting over video chat. In my experience practicing Reiki, I find distant Reiki sessions to be just as, if not more, powerful than in person sessions. So don't worry, you'll still reap all the benefits of Reiki even from a distance.

First, we talk about past Reiki/energy work experience (if its a first time session with me) and I explain what you might experience and what you can expect in your reiki session.

I intuitively chose specific crystals to help bring in the vibrational frequency we want to include in your healing, for you specific needs. I also incorporate the use of a frequency device called Healy, which infuses harmonizing and supportive frequencies into you healing session, for deeper connections, clarity, release, and relief.

Then, I have you get cozy in a laying position at home. Followed by an interactive chakra balancing and activation session (which allows reiki energy to flow more powerfully). Next, I bring you through a guided meditation to ground and connect you, which allows you to deeply relax, to be open to connecting with your higher self and experience deeper spiritual experiences.

I then leave you in this meditative state, while frequency infused music is played to bring the conscious and subconscious mind into the experience together. We then begin the Reiki portion of the session. Afterwards, I bring you out of this meditative state, back to your physical awareness. We discuss anything that came up on my end during the session and then you have the opportunity to share your experiences and ask any questions about what came up. I also help guide you in ways you can continue to keep the benefits of Reiki flowing through till your next session that you can do on your own to keep you energy more balanced.

Client feedback:

"Thank YOU so much! Probably one of the most incredibly healing, mind blowing experiences I've hand." - Maggie

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so so so so much!! I honestly have no words for what you have done for me today is just... thank you so much lovely. I am so grateful and thankful to you for helping me clear my chakras and helping me connect with my gorgeous little man! Thank you so so so so much!" -Layah

If you're interested in booking a distant Reiki session with me, please click HERE to be redirected to the booking page!


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