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Meagan Bensen: Spotlight Success Story

Meet Meagan Benson!

Meagan was a client of mine who's successfully completed my Premium Nutrition Program. She lost 30 lbs. & 18.3 inches during the 3 month program!

But more importantly, she's been able to maintain these results over the past year using the principles she learned from my program! 

The spotlight shines on her today, as she graciously shares the success she's experienced from our journey working together.


Q: What obstacle would have held you back from working together?

A: Honestly, I was afraid of failing at another program. I had tried Weight Watchers, Advocare, and numerous other “diets” that only temporarily worked and I never saw amazing results. I was afraid of investing more money and either, only temporarily losing weight, or not losing at all.

Q: What prompted you to seek my guidance and help?

A: I had seen a change in my mom using your program for herself. I had seen her struggle with energy while doing Crossfit and had noticed a difference in her on your program.

Q: What was going on in your life before working with me that lead you to me?

A: I was at a really tough place in my life when I decided to join the program. I had just moved from California 6 months prior, after ending a very abusive relationship. I was back in my hometown but had no friends. I was going back to school full-time and working overnights full-time. I was at a bit of a breaking point mentally and physically. I wasn’t sleeping well, living off energy drinks to stay awake, and was having a tough time focusing.

Q: What results did you get from our working together?

A: The results were INSANE! lol The first month I started to drop weight - quicker than I had expected. I noticed a difference in the way my body was responding to food and, after the first month, I no longer craved processed food. Through the process I was able to get my body back on track. I felt like a new me, finally!

Q: What knowledge did you gain from our working together?

A: I gained a LOT of knowledge about my body. I learned I can’t have gluten at all. My body can’t tolerate it in any form. It has been a huge lifestyle change with that alone. I also have to be careful with sugar and try to stay away from processed food. I have also learned about adding things to my diet, such as good fats and proteins. I am now a believer in non-GMO, grass-fed products and notice a difference eating them. I have been able to teach my boyfriend about meal prepping and good snacks to eat too!

Q: What specific thing did you like best about our working together?

A: The SUPPORT! Honestly, I could not have completed it without it. I chose the plan that had my meals planned out and my grocery list included because, I know in order for me to succeed, I need easy. It was still a challenge, but being able to say, “Hey I'm going to the grocery store are you free?” and know that I could send pics of food or send questions and get an immediate response made me feel not as overwhelmed at the store. I also didn’t feel judged if I would say, “Hey I can’t afford the organic chicken this week. What are my options?” The support made me feel that I could do it and made me feel not so alone and overwhelmed.

Q: How was my approach to your health goals or health condition unique from what you'd experienced in the past?

A: Completely different! The approach from things like Weight Watchers revolved around a point system - which I hate! Things like Advocare had guidelines but it left all of the decisions up to me, which became confusing and frustrating. Robyn's approach was more personal. I liked that I could say, “Hey I am craving tacos”, and next week, I had a version of tacos on the menu! Overall, I liked what I ate and if I didn’t, I was ok and comfortable being honest about it. Mostly the support, as I mentioned before, was HUGE. I knew I could message Robyn if I had a cooking question or wanted to add something. I felt, for once, that I wasn’t dieting. I was changing my body and healing my body. I never thought I would have a normal GI system and through Robyn's program I was able to.

Q: What where your top 3 benefits from our work together?

A: obviously the weight loss! But second to the weight loss, I also began to heal my body from things that were side effects of surgeries I had as a kid and also years of eating bad foods. The third and maybe most important is the knowledge that I gained. By learning about what my body is ok with and not ok with, I am able to navigate restaurants and cooking for myself to continue to feel good and treat my body well. Now it isn’t so hard.

Q: Would you recommend working with me to your friends or family? Why, or why not?

A: 1000%! I went into it thinking, “I want to loose weight” but came out of it a changed person. I have accepted gluten as not being for me and I'm ok with it. I have a new knowledge about food and my body, that is honestly priceless. I am forever grateful for the experience and highly recommend it!!

Q: Anything else you want to share?

A: To anyone that might be on the fence, I say jump! I wasn’t 100% ready to change my food choices, but I am so happy I did! I never felt deprived - I even made homemade, good-for-you gummy candies at home! My body is forever changed. It isn’t a program that once you stop, you just gain the weight right back. Robyn is amazing and her knowledge and support help you through the process and the times where you may struggle. Your body is worth the investment!


What a wonderful interview with Meagan!

What really speaks volumes to me, isn't necessarily the numbers behind Meagan's transformation (although wonderful!), but it is the confidence you can see just exuding out of her in her after photo!

THAT HAS SO MUCH MORE VALUE than the number on a scale or any anthropometric measurement I could take.

This truly brings tears to my eyes, to have witnessed this transformation and to have been privileged enough to be a part of her journey! I feel honored she chose to work with me and I can't wait to see where the rest of her journey will lead her 😍

-Robyn Grogitsky-Ramirez

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