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Healing Sessions + Courses

Reiki certification, Overwhelmed Empath Academy, Emotion Code, Chakra Balancing, Human Design, Healy and so much more...

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Recipes + Nutrition

Learn all about what we do for healing through nutrition and lifestyle. And with over 100 gluten free recipes, stick around and try a recipe or two!

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The Frequency Mamas

Come learn more about the Frequency Mamas

Community of like hearted individuals helping to learn + share the power of frequency technology while simultaneously up leveling + harmonizing our lives through the Healy + MagHealy devices.

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"If you love high-vibing, flavorful, delicious foods, that are nutrient dense and gluten free, you've come to the right place!"



About Me


Hi! I'm Robyn,
the mama and nurturing force driving Empathic Mamahood!

My journey is all about empowering you to embrace your innate healer and intuition, guiding Mamas to awaken their inner wisdom and tap into the profound realms of frequency and energy medicine. Through extensive training and dedication, I've evolved into an Advanced Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, a skilled interpreter of Human Design, a practitioner of EFT and Ho’oponopono, a facilitator of guided meditations, an intuitive healer and guide, as well as an Emotion Code and frequency medicine practitioner. My background spans over 12 years of deep study in nursing and nutrition, where I've cultivated a profound understanding of the body and soul's interconnectedness.


My passion lies in harnessing these multifaceted tools to unlock the dormant healer within you, guiding your journey toward complete alignment with your soul. I'm committed to assisting you in living a life that flows abundantly and authentically, allowing your inner light to shine brightly in every facet of your being. Together, let's explore the transformative power within you, nurturing your journey towards soulful alignment and abundant living.

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