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Healing Sessions + Courses

Reiki certification, Overwhelmed Empath Academy, Emotion Code, Chakra Balancing, Human Design, Healy and so much more...

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Recipes + Nutrition

Learn all about what we do for healing through nutrition and lifestyle. And with over 100 gluten free recipes, stick around and try a recipe or two!

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The Motherhood Mentorship

Come learn more about the Frequency Mamas

New Paradigm of

Conscious Motherhood Mentorship and Community

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"If you love high-vibing, flavorful, delicious foods, that are nutrient dense and gluten free, you've come to the right place!"



About Me


Hi! I'm Robyn,
the mama behind Empathic Mamahood!

I am passionate about guiding you to activate the healer within, empowering mothers to ignite their intuition and wisdom, teaching frequency and energy medicine. 

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