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The Frequency Mamas
Healy Team & Community

Hi I'm Robyn, Co-Founder of the Frequency Mamas!


My friend Chloe and I created the Frequency Mamas Community to support our Healy Teams in a space we can all flourish together!


When you purchase your Healy through myself or any other Frequency Mama Member, you get access to this ever growing community full of like minded individuals here to learn about the device and help share it with the world. 


To support you after your Healy purchase, we provide ongoing trainings and guidance on Healy usage as well as the business side of Healy (should you choose to sell Healys)! Within the Frequency Mamas we have created such a beautiful community of individuals who lead with their hearts and graciously share their wisdom, knowledge and support with one another. This helps everyone to really get the most out of owning a Healy World device! My dream with the Frequency Mamas Healy Team is to bring like minded souls together to share wisdom, community, knowledge, health, wealth, and guidance with the goal of helping each other understand, utilize, and share this amazing and life changing tool with the world! 

Find out more below!



Guidance includes:

* With the purchase of any Healy  or MagHealy of your choice using my affiliate link you receive access to the Frequency Mama Healy Team ongoing support! 

* Weekly virtual team support calls for both Healy usage and Healy business.

* On going Healy guidance & trainings to learn to confidently use this amazing tool. 

* Community of conscious, like minded individuals

* A HUGE resource bundle, filled with 100's of documents/PDFs, videos, trainings, instructionals, cheat sheets and manuals to help you support your family, loved ones, and clients to the best of your abilities.

* An optional affiliate code to earn a new stream of income for your families and support to flourish in your Healy business!



Join our community full of conscious, heart centered individuals coming together to share our passion for this holistic wellness tool!


Our Frequency Mama Healy team tailored to provide community first...

While sharing all the wisdom and knowledge of how we, as a community, collectively utilize holistic modalities (including the Healy and Mag Healy) to support ourselves and our families!

A community full of parents, frequency medicine practitioners of all kinds, doctors, entrepreneurs, healthcare practitioners, coaches, professors, teachers and everyone in between!

And with that community, comes a tool that helps empower you to take charge of your, your families, and your clients wellness!



Examples of the ongoing trainings/community call topics:

* Using your Healy in motherhood

* Healy & holistic protocols for all stages of life

* Tuning in and reawakening your intuition

* Creating & Facilitating a Healy Experience

* Energetic tools for the family

* Using natural remedies in your family community chat

* Optimizing your Professional Offerings with Healy

* Energetics and Quantum Sales

* Applying your Human Design to Activate your Highest Timeline & Flourish in Sales

* Combining Healy with Reiki for the family

* Building a Healy business through motherhood

* Breath work and EFT

* Being bioelectrical beings & Healy

* All about Frequency Medicine & Healy Technology

* And so much more!


How to Join...

Purchase a Healy through me today!!   (CLICK HERE to be redirected to Healy World to purchase through my affiliate link)

Fill out the purple form after you complete your Healy purchase to gain access to everything!

*Must show proof of purchase under my affiliate link for acceptance into the Frequency Mama Healy Team and Community, as well as any Frequency Mama branded resources/trainings. 

Step 1:

Step 2:

Join the Frequency Mamas Healy Team & Community

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How interested are you in making extra money sharing about and selling Healys?How interested are you in making extra money sharing about and selling Healys?

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