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An immersive program designed to help you uncover and develop your empathic abilities so that you can take what feels like a burden now, and turn it into your greatest superpower!

The next live round of the academy starts Jan. 8th 2024!


As a BONUS for the first 11 empaths that sign up, you will also receive access to my Reiki Level 1 Certification Course (a $444 value!) as a gift from me!


Reiki is one of the most powerful tools for empathic overwhelm, and while you'll be immersed in experiencing it within the academy, learning it for yourself unlocks so much more than just experiencing it from a practitioner!

Are you an Overwhelmed Empath?

Are you looking to discover more about what being an empath means, how to navigate it all, how to take what feels like a burden and grow it into your greatest strength? 

Well then, the Overwhelmed Empath Academy was created for you!

Do you feel everything so deeply that it makes it hard to 
function at times?

Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 8.19.00 AM.png

Do you struggle deciphering if what you're feeling is coming from you or being absorbed from another?

Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed by other people, places emotions or energies?

If so... you may be an Empath!

Hi! I'm Robyn! You may know me from Instagram as @Empathic_Mamahood   
and I've created this program just for fellow empaths like you!  

As an empath myself, I know just what it feels like to be at this overwhelmed point. After struggling on my own for what felt like a lifetime and having to find my own way through years and years of hard work, struggles, and development I decided it was time to create a guide for other struggling empaths so that your journey to feeling empowered doesn't have to be such a long and difficult one like mine was. 

I have compiled all of my most potent tools and tips, all my knowledge, wisdom and experience, to create a comprehensive beginners program to take you from the overwhelmed empath you like feel today, to the confident empowered empath you deserve to be!

Join me as I guide you through 4 weeks of content that will become your foundation of living the life of an empowered empath! One who can navigate the world around them with ease, one who feels confident (and not crazy), and one who can begin to turn these beautiful sensitivities and abilities in to your greatest superpower!

What the Academy Includes:

Welcome to the Overwhelmed Empath Academy!

  • Support and Community During the Academy

  • Intuitive/Accountability Buddies

  • Calendar for the Lives

Navigating the Overwhelm as an Empath (Week 3 part 1)

  • Meditation Basics

  • Energy Protection

  • Energy Clearing and Cleansing

  • Guided Meditation - Energy Protection

  • Guided Meditation - Energy Clearing

  • Week 3 Lives

Bonus Section

  • Bonus New Moon Ritual Live

  • Reiki Certification Courses with Robyn

  • Reduced Cost Individual Distant Sessions

  • Guided Meditation - 5 Minute Grounding/Connecting

  • Guided Meditation - Connecting with Your Baby

  • Guided Meditation - Sacred Space Grounding

  • Additional Reading Recommendations for Empaths

  • Additional Documentary Recommendations

  • Recommended Oracle & Tarot Cards

  • Upcoming Programs/Courses with Robyn

The Basics of Being an Empath (Week 1)

  • Empath Basics

  • Frequency and Vibrations

  • Levels of Consciousness and Dimensions

  • Empath Hygiene 101

  • Grounding

  • Guided Meditation - Grounding Cord

  • Guided Meditation - Grounding Root

  • Week 1 Lives

Tools for Navigating the Overwhelm (Week 3 part 2)

  • Reiki for Empaths

  • The Chakras & Using them in Reiki

  • Chakra Healing Tutorial

  • Frequency Support Devices For When the Overwhelm is Too Much

  • Tuning Forks

  • Grounding Gear

  • Emotion Code

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Loving Kindness Blessing Technique

  • Ho'oponopono Technique

  • Mantras

  • Smudging - How to Clean Your Energy Exercise

  • Smudging - How to Clean Your Energy Exercise

  • Crystal Guide for Empaths

  • Black Obsidian - Cord Cutting Exercise

  • Selenite - Energetic Vacuum Exercise

Bonus Recording Vault

  • Recording of Week 1 Group Live

  • Recording of Week 1 Group Reiki

  • Recording of Week 2 Group Live

  • Recording of Week 2 Group Reiki

  • Recording of Week 3 Group Live

  • Recording of Bonus Call from Week 3

  • Recording of Week 3 Group Reiki

  • Recording of Week 4 Group Live

  • Recording of Week 4 Group Reiki

Exploring the World as an Empath (Week 2)

  • Types of Empaths

  • Discover your Unique Blueprint of How You Feel Energies

  • Clair Abilities

  • Connecting 101

  • Intuition 101

  • Discovering Your Unique Type of Intuition (Your Authority)

  • At Home Intuition Practice Techniques

  • Quiz: What Type(s) of Empath Are You?

  • Quiz: What Clair(s) do I have?

  • Guided Meditation - Connecting

  • Guided Meditation - Opening Your Third Eye

  • Week 2 Lives

Turning Your Empathic Abilities in Your Superpower (Week 4)

  • Creating Energetic Boundaries

  • Sadhana and Creating Your Daily Empath Self-Care Blueprint

  • Breath Work for for Empaths

  • Tools and Ways to Strengthen Intuition and Abilities

  • Ways to Utilize your Empathic Abilities as a Career

  • Question & Answer Section

  • Question and Answer Live

  • Access Your Reiki Level 1 Certification Course

  • Week 4 Lives

Frequently Asked Questions:

Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 9.47.42 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 9.50.42 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 9.20.57 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 9.29.03 AM.png

Testimonies From Past Students:

“I feel like I am understanding myself more and more. I have already learnt so much. Listening to other empaths in the lives and realizing how much we all have in common and learning things about myself through listening to their experiences has been amazing. The support we have is unbelievable. I am just finding I am learning so much about my life, and also ways to support my empath children. I’ve been made to feel so comfortable opening up and talking about sensitive subjects and listening to others do the same, I’ve felt privileged to listen to some peoples experiences. I just want to thank you for the most amazing course. It’s life-changing ♥️"

Leyla M.

Overwhelmed Empath Academy Graduate

"I was struggling so much with being an empath-anxiety, wanting to be alone all the time even though I do love people, struggling to set boundaries with my child & everyone else, people pleasing, drug cravings cuz I just wanted to turn off (addict in recovery) and I thought this program would teach me to manage being an empath and just make it easier to live with. Instead, I have learned how to make being an empath a strength. I feel empowered and excited to be an empath. I have discovered my Clairs... I had no idea that it wasn’t just amazing intuition and when I was able to feel the energy and guess the picture right during live it amazed and motivated me cuz in that moment I connected with something inside of myself I hadn’t allowed myself to before... I’ve been practicing at home and impressing myself lol it feels amazing & empowering to go from feeling crazy & desperate to empowered and strong. Last thing, connecting with my team of light and developing my spirituality as well as meeting so many other awesome Empath’s... I feel so supported and safe!"

Mariah L.

Overwhelmed Empath Academy Graduate

“The program is laid out so well and sectioned in a layered, beautiful way that is foundational and the first focus feeds into the next and so forth. I love the connection between everybody and that speaks volumes of you, Robyn, in being able to create a space of safety and comfort to share your gifts and pay the blessings forward. It’s a wonderful platform that I feel is available at any time I may need someone and I never feel alone, unheard or mis-understood. It’s helping me compartmentalize my feelings and overwhelm so I can easier deal day to day and furthermore connect with myself to be calmer, at peace, understand what has happened and why I’ve been through the hardships I have. It’s all connecting and becoming clear and allowing me to hold space for my son who is also an empath.”

Kasia R.

Overwhelmed Empath Academy Graduate

“I have loved learning how to energetically ground myself. Even though I have been meditating on my own before this, the grounding practice has been the most helpful in changing my daily life. I’m starting to feel more balanced and less overwhelmed. I’m able to tell when I’m picking up on other people’s emotions instead of my own. And I’ve loved learning how to use my own intuition and to awaken my third eye."

Emily F.

Overwhelmed Empath Academy Graduate

"I am very introverted and I remember being terrified to join the first live. As I listened to everyone share their experiences or small things about themselves I began to feel really seen for the first time in my life. Things that for most of my life I thought I was just crazy for thinking or doing and learning that so many others were the same and that it all resonates so much with being an empath. Robyn created a safe place where we were all able to laugh together and cry together while learning so many wonderful things to help navigate being an empath. I've learned a lot of techniques with the grounding and guided meditations. Also experienced reiki for the first time which has really been so helpful for me. One of the biggest things was feeling really seen in the group lives where we have learned that really odd things about ourselves that we thought we were alone in were actually experienced by others."

Amanda S.

Overwhelmed Empath Academy Graduate

“I love the connection and being able to understand myself better. This course so far has been so helpful for me in understanding myself, my sensitivities, my abilities, and the world around me. I learned that I really, really need to clear my energy. I’m trying to change certain aspects of my everyday life and this course has helped me do that. I enjoyed the live sessions with Robyn. They are insightful and informative!”

Nancy B.

Overwhelmed Empath Academy Graduate

“I am starting to feel less anxious. I definitely see ‘good’ days now. It has given me tools and resources to continue to learn and grow. It’s given me a light at the end of the tunnel. Hope that I can use this for good and not consider it a burden anymore. I loved the structure of it. How you are not overloaded with a ton of information at once. I love the group interactions because you not only are with people like you, but you learn different things you might have been experiencing and not realized."

elizabeth S.

Overwhelmed Empath Academy Graduate

"I feel that this program came at the perfect time for me. I’m assisting with caretaking for my dad and it can be quite challenging. I’m learning how to ground myself, which has really helped. My blood pressure has remained close to normal. I love meeting and learning from all of the participants. Luna’s bright light is the cherry on the top! After the program I am now looking at caretaking as an opportunity not as a burden. I’m also working on my throat chakra regarding saying things that need to be said to my dad. I felt so supported by Robyn. My words, experienced, and comments are always acknowledged without judgement. I really enjoyed this program! Thank you for sharing your gifts!"

Theresa W.

Overwhelmed Empath Academy Graduate

“This program has been amazing! Unforeseen work and home changes made it impossible to do the live seminars which was disappointing, but being able to access the information and seminar afterward was SO critical in being able to move through the course on my own time. There’s nothing like this out there. And I wanted to grow as an empath rather than growing around it. The Overwhelmed Empath Academy helped me begin to differentiate what’s my ego and what is my higher self; Which messages are noise and which are true. I feel more rooted in my goals and self. Less distractions and worry.”

Emilyn S.

Overwhelmed Empath Academy Graduate

“I have love your time and guidance in the live sessions and recordings! The guided meditations. Just your willingness to work with me and others who are not “in the know” about this stuff already and just exploring. I like the live component to feel personally supported and ask questions. And it feels much more authentic. I am really happy with this safe place to explore my intuitive abilities! I have become more aware since having my daughter that my levels of intuition and empathy are beyond what a lot of people experience, but I have been wary of exploring it because I don’t want to open myself up to anyone or anything negative or evil. I’ve actually mentioned the course to friends and have been surprised by their acceptance and support. I have made some changes in who I choose to surround myself based on my intuition. I am trusting myself more!"

Kristie S.

Overwhelmed Empath Academy Graduate

"This course has exceeded my expectations completely! Although I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I knew I was being guided to it and had no hesitation signing up... now I know why! So many little things in life have all amounted to come together now and make sense. The pretty crystals I had always collected and had no idea what they meant or what energy they have... all the shows from the extra list were things I had already watched before. Understanding those gut feelings that were right and how sometimes I see or feel things that I was scared to talk to anyone about. I shut down and repressed a lot of my abilities because I was scared of them (I still am not the biggest fan of seeing things because things tend to “find” me) but this course has helped me to learn- I’m not alone, I can use my gifts safely, and I can use my gifts to heal myself and others. That is something that I believe will make a mark on so many others too. Also love that it’s not just a course, it’s personable and intimate which is so important for empaths Thank you both for helping me on this journey and creating this course for us! I understand so many things about myself now and others! I know I’m not alone which means there are so many others who awakening too (and I’ll be sure to tell them about this course!) ... the grounding was a big one but the reiki / chakra lives taught me a lot about where my energy is off and how to clear it. Is it cheesy to say I feel like a new person? I feel so much more open and brave and not scared of all this love I have to give to the world, that I was locking away out of fear. My personal relationships have all improved!"

Jessa B.

Overwhelmed Empath Academy Graduate

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