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Shine Your Light Academy Coming September 2023!

I can only imagine how shattered your heart is feeling today. 

I too have sat in this exact space with a shattered heart and weary soul. 


From the shattered space, from the cracks in your heart, there is a whisper; a whispered knowing that you will indeed rise from this; that you have the capability to expand from this shattered space into the most powerful version of yourself yet. 


The hardships in life didn’t happen or come to destroy you, they came to crack you wide open and grow you in unimaginable ways. To grow you into the most powerful, resilient, and aligned version of yourself in the way only a shattering like this can; as it’s only through the cracks that the light can burst through to grow you in truly miraculous and transformational ways.

Introducing Shine Your Light Academy

A 6 week deeply transformational, immersive and interactive program for individuals who are ready to rise from their hardships and grow into the most powerful version of themselves yet.

Click on the button below to be the FIRST notified when we open up the doors to my brand new signature program, Shine Your Light Academy, so you too can rise from the ashes and grow into the most powerful version of your self yet!

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