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If you're a previous student you get Reiki Mastership Certification for FREE with purchase of this course!


Are you feeling that call deep within, that magnetic pull toward becoming a healer, a guiding light for others on their journey? If so, I've got something truly transformative to share with you—the Advanced Reiki Master Teachership Certification and Mentorship!


Picture this: stepping into a world where you not only master Reiki but also become the beacon that helps others find their path to healing. This isn't just about teaching; it's about becoming the heart of healing for yourself and others.


Imagine diving deep into the ethereal realms of Reiki, exploring uncharted territories of energy, and emerging as a guiding force that touches lives. That's exactly what this journey is all about.


Here's what this certification has in store for you:

  • First off, it's a voyage unlike any other, where you'll embrace the essence of Reiki and harness its transformative power. I'll guide you through the realms of energy, teaching you how to shift from a practitioner to a nurturing and impactful Reiki Master Teacher.
  • This journey is your rite of passage into the world of healing. I'll walk you through certifications, attunements, and post-attunement advice, ensuring you're fully equipped to guide others on their healing odyssey.
  • From laying the foundation of your Reiki Teacher business—online and in-person—to exploring the intricate world of minor chakras and frequency medicine, this course dives deep into the heart of healing.
  • Here's where the magic really lies: you'll get access to using my proven Reiki courses (Level 1, 2, and Mastership) with Master Resell Rights (MRR). This exclusive access will catapult you into teaching right away, collapsing timelines so you can dive straight into guiding and sharing your wisdom. 
  • I'll unveil the secrets of crafting your unique Reiki course, for those who are interested in creating their own. I also guide you on developing attunement ceremonies that resonate profoundly, and empowering your teaching with transformative tools and resources.
  • Plus you get 3 months of Mentorship support to ensure you get your courses and business off and running!


This journey isn't just about learning; it's about transformation. It's about becoming the healer you've always dreamed of being—a healer who touches lives, heals hearts, and illuminates paths.


So, are you ready to answer the call, to become a beacon of healing light, to guide others through their Reiki journey, and to embrace this soul-stirring Advanced Reiki Master Teachership Certification?


Join me on this profound voyage, and let's awaken the healer within!


Ready to embark? Let's take that leap into transformation together! 


Advanced Reiki Master Teachership Certification Outline


Welcome to your Advanced Reiki Master Teachership Certification

  • Course outline and what to expect
  • Certifications and time requirements
  • Scheduling your Reiki Master Teacher Attunement
  • Post Attunement Advice


Diving in - Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Training

  • Shifting from practitioner to Teacher
  • A note about boundaries, patience and guidance
  • The foundation of your Reiki business
  • Building a Business as a Reiki Teacher: Online
  • Building a Business as a Reiki Teacher: In Person
  • Ethics of Energy Work
  • Diving in Deeper: The minor chakras
  • Diving in Deeper: Using frequency medicine in your Reiki sessions


Using my Reiki Courses (MRR)

  • Master Resell Rights (MRR) License Agreement


Building Your Own Reiki Course

  • Planning your own Reiki course
  • Finding a teaching platform that works for you
  • Pricing and payment plan options
  • Reiki level 1 course section suggestions
  • Reiki level 2 course section suggestions
  • Reiki Mastership course section suggestions


Creating your own Reiki attunement ceremonies

  • How to develop your own attunement ceremonies


Tools to enhance your Reiki practice/teaching

  • How to create customized guided meditations
  • Reiki certification templates
  • Example scripts for Reiki arguments
  • Reiki music resources
  • Infusing frequency healing into your practice


Homework & requirements

  • Completing your Reiki courses


Live components of this course

  • Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Mentoring Calls
  • Advanced Reiki Master Teacher  attunement/placement

Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Certification & Mentorship

$2,222.00 Regular Price
$1,111.00Sale Price
  • This is an online program and once purchase you will be enrolled into the course and personally contacted by Robyn so you can get started right away! You will receive a separate email with log in information!

  • Get a 12 month payment plan for the Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Certification Course through PayPal! 

    1. Add the above program to your cart and go to the checkout.
    2. Choose the "PayPal Pay Later" button option upon check out.
    3. Follow the instructions PayPal gives you to apply for the 12 month payment plan.
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