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This package is the most customizable. It is just like package B but you get to choose from an aray of fonts, branding colors, backgrounds, and customizations to make the site feel like your own. 


LifeWave Website Package C Includes:

  • LifeWave Landing page (refered to on the website in the menu as the "Phototherapy Patches" page) with live links to your 
  • About Me page
  • Contact Me page
  • Pop-Up Light Box with LifeWave Freebie for Gathering Emails
  • Explore My Other Offerings Page
  • Become a Brand Partner Page
  • Alavida Trio Page (Refered to on the website in the meny as the "Regenerative Age Reversal page)



Information thats customizable by me before transfering the website to you with this package:

  • Website name (what's in the free wix url), your business/personal brand (where it says "Your Logo Here") and logo
  • Live links leading back to your LifeWave Brand Partner affiliate link
  • Your personalized about me section and linked contact information
  • Your personalized "explore my other offerings" section
  • Font, colors, backgrounds, and customizations to make the website totally your own!


You can see a preview of the pages here:


A FREE wix website will be created for you and the template transfered to this account. Once the website template is transfered to you, it is yours, you own it and can change what you'd like. 


For more customization see additional packages, reach out for custom website support, or you can further edit the site on your own after purchase. 

LifeWave Website Package C

  • Please provide the following information in the notes when you purchase (or if you forget you can email me at with the subject "Website Template Support"):

    • Your First and Last name
    • Contact information you want at the bottom of your site (I recommend just a work email and any additional work website)
    • Your LifeWave Brand Partner Link
    • The email address you want your FREE wix account created with
    • A brand or personal logo, if applicable

    If you chose a package where additional information is needed I will be reaching out to connect with you for those details within 48 hours of your purchase. 

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