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Discovering Human Design

This has been the #1 LIFE SHIFTING TOOL that I have personally discovered. Human design has been absolutely life changing for me and everyone I have shared it with. It gives me grace and understanding for how different we all truly are as beings. It has given me keys to unlock myself and allowed me to step into my souls path in a way that feels perfectly me. I look at Human Design as a blueprint to who you truly are and who you came here to be. It can guide you to unlock your gifts and path in life, allowing you to step into flow and truly live from a space of complete resonance. It is a combination of ancient and modern systems and sciences, including quantum physics, quantum biology, the chakra system, Vedic astrology, modern astrology, genetic and bio individuality, I Ching and others!

Human design is a system; it's a system of looking at an individual and differentiating the individual. It's actually called the science of differentiation and it is really used as a self-discovery tool. Once you have discovered who you are, your true blueprint or what your soul is here to do (and do in partnership with your human your physical vessel), you're able to step into a state of flow and really release the “somebody-ness” that we all get conditioned into thinking that we are.

For me, Human Design has been this lens that I put on and ever since I discovered the system I just put on this human design lens and it really helps me to be able to understand other people and myself in a way that has been life-changing for me. It has allowed me to have Grace and compassion and understanding for others in a way that I didn't previously have. It has been something that has really activated me to find these areas of conditioning and release them and feel really seen in who I truly am rather than the somebody that I thought I should be or was told that I should be.

Human design is different than personality type tests like Briggs Meyer or enneagrams. Those are based off of your conscious interpretation of questions you’re being asked and what you think about yourself. Human Design is based off of your birth information. It's based off of many different ancient and modern systems all compiled into one system. Some of these systems are quantum physics, I Ching (an ancient Chinese way of looking at the at the being), Vedic Astrology and Physiology, modern astrology, Kabbalah, modern psychology, genetics and bio individuality, and also the chakra system.

This system isn't like a religion; it's not based off of a belief it's really just an invitation, an invitation that I like to call a “challenge accepted moment” for you to just play see if some of the strategies or information that you learned today or that you have learned about your design, when you put it into play see how that impacts you and see what difference it makes in your state of flow, in the way you live your life.

Learning and implementing Human Design in my own life and with my clients/students has really SET ME FREE; it's really been an enormous help in my life for not just understanding myself but for understanding my children and being the parent that they need me to be for their individuality. It’s helped me in being a better wife a better business partner and so today I really hope that what I share with you helps you to understand yourself more and those that you're in Partnerships with and how that might impact your relationship dynamics for the better!

I use Human Design combined with my intuitive abilities to see each of you through your unique design and help you feel seen, understood, and guided. I guide you to unlock your path to flowing through life as the unique being you came here to be. I am now offering Human Design Readings and Packages and would love to help you activate your path, to help you find the knowledge to unlock your life and activate your light within.

Book a session or deep dive package with me today and discover your unique blueprint to shining your light!


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